Approach of Exelia

The pillars of Exelia Learning’s approach to adult education are:

  • Team Games
    Learning through educational practices that focus on the active involvement of the trainees and rely on co-opetition among participants and simulation exercises, while retaining fun and passion for play. Exelia Learning promotes learning through structured team games that have their own rules, roles, strategies and assessment methodologies, tailored to trainees’ needs. Team games constitute perhaps the most important educational approach in the field of adult learning of the future. This is why Exelia Learning researches, develops and uses gaming methodologies in its training solutions.

  • Quantitative & Qualitative analysis
    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of trainees’ performance offering essential insight on learning progress and level of skills’ mastering. Performance of the participants is assessed through a game-specific evaluation methodology developed by Exelia Learning. In this approach, the trainer tracks the progress of each participant, identifies his/her areas for improvement and assists him/her to gradually advance the taught skills.

  • Research & development
    Integration of research findings in adult education and adoption of the best international learning practices in pedagogic practices and methodologies of training.

  • Focus on Production
    Production of in-house built training games and solutions. This “vertically” integrated approach permits to fully control quality, maximize adaptation to customer needs and ensure the integration of client feedback to the development of training solutions.

  • Customization based on client needs
    Customization and adjustment of services on offer, according to client needs that are identified through research and meticulous analysis in collaboration with the final recipient of the learning action.

Approach of Exelia