List of Projects

ENVIRECA Greening apprentices in the HORECA industry
CONDAP Digital skills for workplace mentors in construction sector apprenticeships
FACTORY Fostering Adaptability and enhancing Competences TOwards a digital IndustRY
EASYHEALTH EAse and Secure employabilitY with HEALTH education
ELSS Extended Learning Support System
HR4AD Age-Diverse Workforce Management For HR Managers.
SMARTEL Smart Metering and Home Automation Technologies re-Training for Electricians .
VET4APPS Enhance VET provision for mobile apps entrepreneurs, employees and freelancers to address business and design skills needs.
3DPRISM To improve the quality of VET and the employability of learners, by linking training provision with the needs of the labour market.
CycloVET The CycloVET project aims to enhance the professional development of VET teachers and trainers, by linking training provision to existing and emerging societal needs in terms of sustainable mobility.
Games2Train Branching scenarios for the enhancement of employees’ communcations skills in the Greek services sector.
Play2Speak Play2Speak aims at enhancing the offer of skills on debating and oral communication through games simulating rhetorical and debating competitions.
List of Projects