LUDUS Days on serious games

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LUDUS Days on serious games
Peer-to-peer learning for creators and active practitioners of serious games

Organiser: PROMEA

Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 October 2012

Location: ALBA Graduate Business School, 6-8 Xenias Str., Athens, Greece

Come and meet:


    - Programmers & software developers.

    - Creators & designers of serious games.

    - Storyboard & scenario writers.

    - Human resources managers.

    - Enterpreneurs & communication experts.

    - Educators, teachers & academic researchers.


In LUDUS Days on serious games you can:


    - Connect with creative practitioners.

    - Nurture cooperation ties among creators and users of serious games.

    - Exchanges ideas and experiences.

    - Gain insight and engage actively in the field of serious games.



Please note that some sessions will be in English, while others will be conducted in Greek.


Registration now open

More information at:

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LUDUS Days on serious games