Established In 2013, Exelia Builds Upon Previous Corporate Activities And Expertise Spanning Back To 2001.

Our team is composed by 10 in-house collaborators and several external ones.

Our annual growth rate in the last years is more than 20% on average per year.

Usually 60-70% of our revenues come from private sector contracts.

More than 80% of our sales are exports of services.



The key strength of EXELIA is its interdisciplinary team of researchers, analysts, project managers, financial and communication experts.


We specialise in a small but critical segment of the research and development value chain: We turn ideas and research concepts into working research projects by scrutinising, documenting, researching, adjusting the initial idea and transforming it into a feasible, realistic and innovative set of coherent actions to be implemented by experienced complementary organisations. Main parts of our interventions are to assure the funding and the efficient administration of the research effort.


Our key strength is the success rates in obtaining funding for complex research and policy change projects. We take the complexity and risk out of the process for our clients. We deliver ready solutions. We cover research needs from A to Z.

Our Services

EXELIA develops and deploys innovative approaches for research, interregional cooperation and training. The company coordinates and drafts EU funded research project proposals, and further develops research results & prototypes into innovative products & services for its clients.

EXELIA’s thematic focus is in the fields of public policies advisory in areas such as the circular economy, climate change policies, energy transition, etc.

We coordinate or implement technical work as project leaders/partners in projects from the Erasmus+ programme, the Transnational and Interregional Co-operation Programmes, as well as the Horizon 2020 programme.

Our ways of work

We always look, discuss and develop new research ideas. We have a very active role in developing project proposals, often being the sole drafters or even the co-ordinators. The experienced and interdisciplinary team of Exelia addresses and develops all subject areas of a project proposal to a very high quality standard. We focus mainly in:

  • Turning ideas to fully functioning funded research and policy projects
  • Bringing together experienced, complementary, competitive organisations from all over Europe
  • Strategically relying on innovation
  • Bringing added value in the project management of research and interregional cooperation consortia
  • Conducting vital technical analysis and policy studies.

Advisory Services

  1. Transformation of innovative research ideas into an articulated coherent competitive research project
  2. Identification and release of funding through extremely competitive processes
  3. Design and implementation of studies
  4. Analysis and support of policy change
  5. Technical support and maturing of public investments plans
  6. Foresight and knowledge transfer on strategic regional investment strategies.

Project management services

EXELIA’s expertise covers the entire cycle of developing a research idea, planning and securing funding for its development, managing the research project, implementing, evaluating, and promoting the prototype solution, and carrying it further all the way to a market mature product and/or service. We provide services in the:

  1. Delivering value adding project management services
  2. Design, implementation and analysis of surveys
  3. Analysis and identification of user needs and requirements
  4. Evaluation & validation of research and cooperation processes
  5. Dissemination & awareness raising
  6. Design of and delivery of innovative training services and solutions
  7. Provision of training to public and private organisations.

Partners and Clients

Team identity

  • We compete and succeed at European level.
  • A key strength is our continuous focus on capacity building, policy change support and tailored innovative approaches.
  • We are craftspersons producing analysis and delivering complex project management service support. Our proposals and bids are custom made. Our synergistic efforts improve our efficiency and ensure our success rates.
  • We are team-oriented company because this is our strength: We are the aggregation of our complementary skills and competences but our culture of caring and sharing ensures competitive quality through.
  • We are perfection-driven people.
  • We care deeply to reward people with fairness and proportionally to their respective efforts.
  • We are a team making constantly each one individual member a better professional.

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  • We respect work-life balance. Overtime is rare and compensated.
  • We demand commitment to results and we share ownership of the efforts with each individual collaborator.
  • We need proactive and caring colleagues.
  • Perhaps the single most important factor of both success and satisfaction is the caring and sharing culture of the team.
  • We are committed in sharing the good results with the team members rewarding fairly the collaborators.
  • We expect, we need and we envisage long term mutually-nourishing relationships. We value and need experienced and matured collaborators.
  • We are a safe, resilient and financially robust employer.
  • We are a demanding team and environment where each one is expected (and needed) to make a substantial contribution proportional to his/her experience.
  • We are a very professional and at the same time small informal company with personal relationships among the collaborators.

What skills we look for

  • What we look for people when we recruit -regardless of their specific function/area of contribution:
  • Love for learning
  • Interest and talent for creative technical writing
  • Joy in communicating and organising people and projects.
  • Focus on excellence and improvement
  • True team mentalities and practices, sharing and caring attitudes
  • Engagement and drive
  • Technical skills related to a particular position (see positions openings section).

What to expect in our workplace

We try whenever possible to adapt the roles and the functions to the personalities and to engage each one by offering a path of personal interest and rewards.We are committed to review individual performance every 12-18 months and to jointly set personal growth areas and performance indicators.We have simple organisational structure flexible and evolving with individual roles explicitly defined and jointly agreed.We try hard to accommodate personal interests and to reconcile whenever possible with the team priorities.

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Expect a career path where:

The first 6-12 months (depending on the experience and seniority of the collaborator) are a period of intensive learning and getting to speed. At the end of this period we reassess the fit to the positions and if necessary we make adjustment and revise the integration plan.

The first 1-3 years is a maturing period accumulating expertise and perfecting ways and approaches. Ideally, gradually the collaborator acquires more independence in the execution of her/his functions and she/he becomes responsible for an area working with more and more autonomy.

From the fourth or fifth year on, we jointly explore ways to progress either by undertaking new areas, getting upgraded responsibilities for results or motivating and steering collaborators.

Open Positions

There are currently no open positions.

Contact Us


Leoforos Kifisias 296, Chalandri 152 32, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 64 43 684

E-mail: info@exelia.gr