ARIS Project

About This Project

Artificial Intelligence skills for ICT professionals

EXELIA participates in the ARIS project, which forms a Strategic Partnership to strengthen the key digital competences in VET provision for ICT professionals by offering an up-to-date curriculum and Open Educational Resources (OERs) in AI to address the existing occupational skills needs and mismatches. ARIS develops a comprehensive and up-to-date training course in AI technologies, introduces modern training delivery methods and innovative open access pedagogical resources, enabling learners to acquire and self-assess ΑΙ related skills, and facilitates the integration of AI skills requirements into the EU certification and standardisation schemes.

Start: 01/09/2019– End: 28/02/2022

Project Reference: 2019-1-BE01-KA202-050425

EU GRANT: 374.710 EUR


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